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Archives - June 2017


Preventing Problems Caused by Dusty Air Conditioner Coils (part one)

  How an Air Conditioner Works Being under perfect conditions, outdoor components of your AC unit (the condenser) work the same way the heat dissipating on your laptop does. It takes the hot air, that has been absorbed from indoor component (the evaporator), and disperses it outside of your house.  As you run your air …


Finding and Fixing Air Leaks

As homeowners, we do a lot to make our homes energy efficient. We buy high-efficiency appliances, change out light bulbs, and work to conserve water. While all those efforts are great for the environment and our pocket books, we might be missing the easiest and most common energy-waste, air leaks. Effectively sealing the leaks in your …


What is Air Conditioning “Terrorism”?

  From Temple All Pro Air Conditioning June 11, 2017 Copper and aluminum prices are rising, and it’s no wonder we’re seeing a rash of stolen air conditioning units around our communities in all neighborhoods! It takes less than 2 minutes time, for thieves to remove an entire air conditioning unit or “DE-bone” a unit.  …