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Air Conditioning Helping Your Health in Many Ways

    Here are some benefits of having a properly functioning air conditioning system at your place. Keeping Humidity in Check Without a properly functioning air conditioning system at my place, I would certainly get sick more often and so could you. Studies show that humidity levels of 50% or greater can trigger asthma attacks. One theory [...]

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My A/C is running but no cool air!

  Air conditioning is one of man’s greatest inventions, allowing you and your family to be comfortable even when it's unbearable outside. When that air conditioner blows less and less cool air, it can be uncomfortable and worrisome. First Make Sure There's Really a Issue Sometimes the unit needs to run for a while [...]

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Helping You Cool Naturally

  Air conditioners make life so much better when it’s warm. But people wonder is it bad for the environment? Today’s air conditioners are more eco-friendly than the old CFC-using models of the 1980s. The problem with CFCs is that they depleted the ozone layer. Today, the air conditioners use refrigerants that are much [...]

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Why is there water coming from my Air Conditioner?

Leaky air conditioners are one of the most common reasons for emergency repair calls. While your air conditioner does not require any water to run, it does build up in your system.   This condensation should safely drain to the outdoors, unless there is a problem. Depending on the location of the indoor portion of [...]

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