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Why is my furnace running in short bursts?

Most people are not familiar with the term short cycling.   This is when your furnace starts then stops to often.   Here are the top reasons that this can happen. If your furnace is too large for the space heated, it will possibly short cycle.   It is very important that when a HVAC installer knows [...]

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Regular Maintenance For Heating And Air Conditioning Systems

HVAC maintenance is crucial in preventing frequent breakdowns, improving energy efficiency, ensuring maximum comfort and extending the lifespan of the system. While some maintenance works can only be undertaken by a qualified HVAC contractor, such as All Pro A/C and Heating, some of them can be done by you - the homeowner. The following [...]

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5 Ways to Avoid Dishonest HVAC and Portable Air Conditioning Companies

  Know your equipment  find your operator's manual.   You should know what kind of equipment you have.  If you can't find your manual, go to the equipment and copy down the information on the equipment nameplate.  Better yet, take a digital picture with your phone.  Then you can zoom in on the small numbers [...]

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