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Archives - January 2018


Surge Protection For Your A/C and Heating

As winter weather rolls into the Waco Metro area, it’s time to start thinking about something most people rarely consider – utility power issues. During the winter months, constant, regular power supply can become an issue, whether due to natural events or overloading. This means it is a good time to consider installing surge protection …


Common Furnace Repairs & Furnace Problems

Regardless of how old your furnace is, and whether it’s conventional or high-efficiency, proper maintenance can help you achieve many years of problem-free, comfortable heating. However, when furnace problems arise with your system, it may be beneficial to you to check some things before calling the experts. Things will occasionally go wrong, as is the …


How Your Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Allergies

Those who suffer with seasonal allergies are all too familiar with the importance of good indoor air quality; contaminants and allergens that are present in your home’s air can play a significant role in the severity of seasonal allergies. Even people who do not suffer from allergies can feel the effects of poor air quality. Your HVAC system …