The Importance of the Thermostat and Filter

  Your home is that one place where you spend a large portion of your day. Needless to say, it has to be comfortable and welcoming. But there are times when external factors ruin your comfort like the current times. Summer is here and all your cooling appliances like thermostat and your filter need [...]

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Air Duct Problems Learn More Here

Have you checked on your air ducts lately? An air duct is an essential part of your air conditioning system. They are the pathways for hot and cool air to travel throughout your home. If not properly maintained, these passageways can fill up with contaminants and dust that accumulate over time. The buildup of mold, [...]

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How Your Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Allergies

Those who suffer with seasonal allergies are all too familiar with the importance of good indoor air quality; contaminants and allergens that are present in your home’s air can play a significant role in the severity of seasonal allergies. Even people who do not suffer from allergies can feel the effects of poor air quality. Your HVAC [...]

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Common Furnace Repairs & Furnace Problems

Regardless of how old your furnace is, and whether it’s conventional or high-efficiency, proper maintenance can help you achieve many years of problem-free, comfortable heating. However, when furnace problems arise with your system, it may be beneficial to you to check some things before calling the experts. Things will occasionally go wrong, as is [...]

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A/C and Heating Inspections

It’s always a headache to deal with a sudden malfunction or total meltdown of your HVAC system. Most major mishaps in your HVAC system can be prevented entirely by having your system regularly serviced. Texas has record rates of humidity and specific allergies that can become a major nuisance for those without a tip-top [...]

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What to Expect during an Air Conditioner Tune-Up

When an HVAC technician comes out to perform preventative maintenance on your air conditioner, his work will be split into three categories: inspection, cleaning and servicing. Inspection While inspecting your air conditioner, your AllPro AC and Heating tech will look for signs of possible problems. He will inspect everything from the thermostat to the [...]

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Do You Know This Dark and Dirty Secret?

Oh, I hope I didn’t scare you away with that title! Or maybe … I got your attention? Well, you’re reading this, so it must mean you’re interested in hearing this big secret. Okay, I’m just gonna lay it out there, give you the real dirt, which is that … DIRT is the #1 [...]

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For a central air unit First things first: Make sure the power is shut off. Then, start by cleaning the air conditioner condenser (the outside component of your central AC system) with a vacuum hose and the soft bristle attachment. The fans are what are in charge of actually bringing air into the unit, [...]

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Finding the Most Efficient Air Conditioner for Your Home

  Are you searching for a new air conditioning system?  One that will perform for many years and help you save on your bills? Make sure your energy bills stay as low as possible by following these two tips from our experts. Check for the SEER and the ENERGY STAR seal The Seasonal Energy [...]

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DIY Help for Cleaning Your AC Condenser and Coils

  Because the AC condenser is housed outside in you’re A/C unit, dust, pollen and other environmental contaminants will collect on the coils, and most units begin to lose efficiency, and cooling effectiveness.  This can even ruin the compressor. Bottom line is clean your condenser coils once per year. Coils may need to be [...]

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