1. Know your equipment  find your operator’s manual.   You should know what kind of equipment you have.  If you can’t find your manual, go to the equipment and copy down the information on the equipment nameplate.  Better yet, take a digital picture with your phone.  Then you can zoom in on the small numbers you probably can’t read anyway!
  2. Write down a brief description of the problem  Don’t just call a contractor and say, “The unit doesn’t work.”  The more you can describe the problem, the more knowledgeable you will actually sound.
  3. Remain calm and carry on  When you call, don’t make it sound like the world will end if the air conditioner is not fixed.  Panic often equates to  expensive service calls.
  4. Ask for a recommendation  Get some proof of the work the contractor has done for other businesses in your building or industry.  Ask the building engineer or property manager for a list of recommended contractors.
  5. Have your equipment serviced regularly  Regular appointments to service your existing equipment are the BEST way to guarantee your equipment is in prime shape during peak performance season.  And you’re far less likely to be taken to the proverbial cleaners when you need emergency service.

If you’re looking for an emergency air conditioning service provider, look no further.  Emergency service is our specialty!